Wednesday 22 August 2012

A Few of My Favorite Things

August is "Advocating for Another" month and WEGO Health is running another of its great blog carnivals as an opportunity for bloggers who dedicate their time to caring and/or advocating for another to share their thoughts and ideas on the subject. With a preset list of topics in 4 different categories, hundreds of bloggers will contribute daily posts to the carnival between August 21st and 28th. 

Day 2's prompt is entitled, "These Are A Few of My Favorite Things." So here we 5 favorite things about Dyl!

1. His sweetness. Dylan is the ultimate sweetheart. He is kind, generous, loyal, forgiving, affectionate, and always knows exactly what to say or do to make someone smile. He has a unique ability to see everyone and everything in a positive light. Since toddler-hood this has been one of his greatest qualities. He is a terrific friend, a loving son, and will make a very special husband one day.

2. His open mindedness. Be it food, an activity, a new book, or even a movie, Dylan is always open to trying new things. 

3. His sense of humor. Quirky and silly, Dylan is always cracking jokes and keeping us smiling. 

4. His courage. As mentioned in yesterday's post, he is unbelievably courageous. Never caring what others think, he is comfortable in his own skin and very sure of who he is. 

5. His ownership of his disease. He has taken ownership of his diabetes since day 1 and has never looked back. He learns everything he can about type diabetes, he talks to other type 1 kids and adults, he advocates for JDRF, and he does not hide his diabetes. EVER.

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