Monday 1 August 2011

With Pride

With "Pride" I live in this incredible city of Vancouver, where for the last week we have celebrated "Pride Week," a festival of events in Vancouver's West End all centered around 1 common theme: Educate, Liberate, Celebrate. It is a celebration of humanity and our inherent differences; of tolerance and acceptance of all; and of putting an end to discrimination. For a complete background of the festival, and a detailed explanation of this year's theme, visit the Pride website at

At the culmination of Pride Week, is the Pride Parade. With 130 entries, ranging from colorful floats, to musical marching bands, to community groups, the parade extends through the west end over a 3 hour period. It is the largest single day event in the city, attracting almost 700,000 spectators and bringing 30 million dollars into the city. It is wild, over the top, stunning, and incredible, all at once.

Yesterday was my second time watching the parade. I went with my daughter, my brother-in-law, and mother-in-law. Here are a few highlights of the day...

Mu daughter and brother-in-law

Men on stilts

And more stilts!

Yes, that is a birdcage!
Wouldn't be Pride without half-naked, dancing young men

The cornerstone of Pride - lots and lots of rainbows, even 20 stories up!

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