Monday 21 January 2013


Yup, Dylan's sick. The nasty flu bug that seems to be hitting everyone lately. Today is day 4.

It started Friday when we were at the endo appointment, though at that time it was only a stuffy nose and sore throat. By Saturday morning he was vomiting (only once thankfully), weak, achy, coughing, and had a fever ranging from 101 to 102. With no appetite, bg levels were the biggest concern, but they held steady for once! Sunday was more of the same all day. He managed to get up long enough to have a shower and change into clean pj's, but that was the extent of his activity.

Today I am hoping he is on the mend. Fever is down to 99, but nothing else has changed. Appetite still absent, weakness still present, and the cough is getting nastier and nastier.

I have been texting back and forth with the endo all weekend, updating her on his status. With his bg in range and no difficulty holding down fluids, however, there is really nothing she can do for him. We just have to wait this one out and hopefully he'll be back on his feet in the next couple of days.

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  1. Oh man, that sounds miserable! Hope he's feeling better by now, and that nobody else has been run over by it.