Wednesday 26 October 2011

Pop Goes the Weasel

Wow, I've gotten so far behind on my reviews already! I'm still determined to finish the Alex Cross series before the end of 2011, and I'm currently 5 books from the end. A few weeks ago I read Pop Goes the Weasel and it was certainly one of the faster reads in the series. The action in this novel is non-stop, as Patterson gives the reader a dungeons-and-dragons-meets-psycho-killer with the character of Geoffrey Shafer. A respectable business man by day, Shafer's night life consists of driving a taxi and murdering his passengers in ways determined by the roll of a die. He then gives details reports of his killings to the other members of the "Four Horsemen".

It all gets too personal when Shafer kidnaps Alex Cross's new love interest Christine, forcing Cross to drop everything and hunt down a madman. But can he find him before it's too late?

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