Monday 5 December 2011

The VEO Has Landed!

The VEO and some of the other supplies we got

And we're off!

Our new Minimed VEO arrived last week, in a massive box, full of other goodies. Not only did it contain the pump itself, but two Contour Link meters (that wirelessly communicate with the pump), six months worth of infusion sets and reservoirs, a remote control for the pump, a new USB to upload data from the pump to the Carelink website, and extra batteries and belt clips. 

After reading through the pump manual and getting my head around the few minor differences between the Paradigm 522 (old pump) and the VEO, we are ready to start using it. Today we retired the old pump and Dylan started wearing the new one, and then in a few weeks, we'll add the CGMS too.

Seeing the old pump looking so lonely perched atop my microwave got me thinking. What do people usually do with their old pumps? Ours is 4 years old, so the warranty has expired, but the pump works perfectly and we've never had a problem with it. Is there anywhere I can donate it, or someone who needs one? Any ideas would be much appreciated!

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  1. congrats on the veo! i spoke with my medtronic rep today about another matter and i heard it pronounced aloud for the first time. he said it like vay-oh, and i've been pronouncing it vee-oh. anyway, good luck with the new pump!

    we've only had ours for a year and a half, so i have no idea what one would do with an old one. maybe ask your rep?