Monday 20 February 2012

Take that Diabetes!

The search for a cause of Dylan's headaches has now brought us full circle. We have gone from blaming diabetes, to questioning his eye sight, and back to diabetes as a cause again. When I first thought diabetes was the culprit, I assumed it was high blood sugars that were giving Dylan headaches, but when we tracked the headaches, there was absolutely no correlation with elevated blood sugar so we eliminated D as a cause.

Then this past Friday, Dylan had his quarterly checkup at the Diabetes Education Center of our local hospital. After speaking with his endocrinologist about the headaches, she thinks that they may, in fact, be a result of D. Her belief is that they are an after effect of low blood sugar. When I heard this, it sounded vaguely familiar. I remember reading some comments from type 1 adults that compared the feeling of over-treating a low to a hangover. Does treating, or perhaps over-treating, a low result in a headache? And if so, is there any way to avoid this?

On a separate note, Dylan did a victory dance for his endo at the appointment Friday. His last A1c was in early December of last year and we were both very upset to see a result of 8.7. It was the highest he had even been and I felt like a complete failure as a d-mom to let his A1c get that high. The 8.7 was the direct result of Dylan being very nonchalant about his testing. He was great testing at home, but was neglecting to test at school, resulting in too many highs. His endo wanted to see a reduction of a full point, bringing his A1c into the upper 7's by the next appointment. A tough task indeed. We both vowed then and there to be more vigilant about testing, determined to bring that 8.7 down to a healthier level.

So were we successful? Not only did Dyl get his A1c into the 7's, he got it down to 7.1!! Personally, I would still like to see it lower, but we are celebrating this victory nonetheless. Take that diabetes!


  1. What a victory for Dylan. Congrats to both of you.

  2. That is a victory! Hope you figure out what's causing the headaches.