Saturday 31 March 2012

Biting the Bullet

Friday morning I road-ran a 5km time trial, just to see exactly what my current pace is. I didn't go full out by any means, but focused on keeping a strong and consistent pace. At the end of the run, I was pleased to discover that I've shaved 1:19 seconds per mile off my last road race pace.

The excitement led me to finally register for two road races in the near future. The first is the Vancouver Sun Run, the largest 10km road run in North America, attracting over 50,000 participants every year. It's one I've run at least a half dozen times in the past, and it's lots of fun. With a group that large, the energy is electric, and there's musical entertainment every kilometer to keep the runners pumped up. Athletes start in waves and are grouped by expected completion time, though the first kilometer is still more of a walk than a run due the sheer mass of bodies plugging along. It's an experience, that's for sure. The race is Sunday, April 15th, and info can be found here.

The second race is the BMO Vancouver Marathon on Sunday, May 6th, in which I have registered for the half-marathon. Again, a race I've run in past, this one twice, though 2012 brings a totally new, and much better, course. The previous course traveled through the downtown east-side (downtown Vancouver's most drug infested neighborhood) and included a long steep hill that could bring even the strongest runners to a walk. The revised course highlights some of the cities most beautiful sights, with almost half the course waterfront, and actually features a decrease in overall elevation. Info about this race can be found here.

I'll be taking lots of pictures en route, and will share my post race thoughts via Blood, Sweat & Carbs. Until then, let's keep running!

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