Saturday 3 March 2012

In Need of a Miracle

There is a family in need of our help. An absolutely awesome family. A mom, dad, and 4 boys, who have already faced so many challenges in life, and yet are being asked to take on perhaps their toughest challenge yet. The Schuhmachers are a truly remarkable family, and while I have never "met" Meri, I consider her a friend. She is an incredibly witty blogger at, a loving wife, and an awesome mom to 4 boys, 3 of which have type 1 diabetes. They are asking for our prayers as Ryan begins his treatment and uphill battle against cancer. In her own words, Meri writes,

"Dear Family and Friends
We have received some bad news, and we need your help. Three years ago my husband Ryan was diagnosed with Melanoma. He had surgery and chemotherapy and we believed we beat it. This weekend we received the news that his cancer is back with a vengeance. He has 6 tumors in his brain, as well as multiple tumors in his lungs and abdomen. The news is obviously not good but we have not lost hope.

We are asking all of you for your continual prayers, and ask if you will join our family in praying this Sunday March 4th, for Ryan. Please pray specifically for a miracle, because that is what we stand in need of at this moment. Please spread the word to your churches, prayer groups, friends and families. All religious denominations everywhere. We have a strong belief that we need to bombard the gates of heaven with prayers for Ryan on Sunday...and beyond.

For those of you that do not know our family very well, you can find out more about us at My husband and I have been married 19 years, we have four boys, ages 16, 14, 10 and 8. Three of our boys have Type 1 Diabetes. Ryan is 40 years old.

Please. Please pray. We believe in miracles, and have already witnessed many since the diagnoses on Sunday. We can do this. Your prayers can and will help.

Thank you in advance for your prayers and good will for our family. We already feel it lifting us.

Much love, Meri Schuhmacher and Family"

The outpouring of support by the DOC has been absolutely overwhelming and I have been awestruck the past few days as I see more and more people change their Facebook profile pictures to show their support for the Schuhmachers. I've always known the DOC was awesome, but I really didn't realize just how awesome until now. We are a family and we have each other's backs. This is the use of social media as its best and for the ultimate purpose: to bring people together. Family and friends of the Schuhmachers have banded together, praying, hoping, wishing, dreaming, for help for Ryan and his family. It has become a social media movement and I know in my heart that our prayers will make a difference. They have to. This family is in need of a miracle.

To read more and show your support for about the Schuhmacher Family's Miracle, visit and "like" the Schuhmacher Family's Miracle Facebook page, add their button to your blog, and change your profile picture. And above all, pray.

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Donations are being accepted to help the family with ongoing medical costs. Should you wish to make a donation, you can go directly to the donation page by clicking the link below.

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