Thursday 15 November 2012

2012 Health Activist Awards

Halfway through National Health Blog Post Month already! Today's prompt asks us to nominate a fellow blogger for a 2012 Health Activist Award. 

I've nominated some of my favorites, have you? Nominating your fave blog is super easy. Simply choose the category in which you wish to nominate, from the following options:

Advocating for Another Award  someone who advocates for the health condition of someone they love. 

Best Ensemble Cast – A group who advocates and raises awareness. 
Best in Show: Blog - Someone who exemplifies the use of blogging. 
Best in Show: Community/Forum - Someone who exemplifies the use of a community or forum. 
Best in Show: Facebook - Someone who exemplifies the use of Facebook. 
Best in Show: Twitter - Someone who exemplifies the use of Twitter. 
Best in Show: Video – Someone who exemplifies the use of video. 
Best Kept Secret –Someone in the online health community who hasn't gotten a lot of attention. 
Health Activist Hero – An inspiring, supportive, and knowledgeable Health Activist . 
Hilarious Health Activist Award - The Health Activist who makes you laugh alongside their advocacy.
Ms/Mr. Congeniality – Someone who always has a kind word, a positive note, and a virtual hug. 
Paperboy Award – The Health Activist who always delivers the latest and greatest health news and research.
Rookie of the Year – A Health Activist who came on the scene in 2012 but has inspired the entire community. 
Silver Stethoscope – A healthcare professional who utilizes social media to make the world a better place. 
Trailblazer Award – The Health Activist who is ahead of every curve and excited by new technology. 
Unsung Hero Award – The member of your community who may not know how amazing and valuable they are. 
Then head over to WEGO Health's Health Activist Awards nomination page by clicking here. It only takes a minute and anyone can nominate a blog, or as many blogs as they want!

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