Friday, 1 March 2013

Full Circle

What do 23 months, blood and urine tests, an echo-cardiogram, full allergy testing, a pediatric urologist, cardiologist, and 2 allergists give you? In our case...nothing. Since Spring 2011 we, with the help of Dylan's endo, have been trying to determine what is causing him edema in his face, hands, feet, and sometimes stomach and we are no closer to figuring it out now, than we were 23 months ago, except for knowing what it's NOT.

A round of blood and urine testing revealed it's not his thyroid, nor is it a simple hormonal or nutritional issue. The kidney ultrasound and additional urine testing told us that Dylan's kidneys are in perfect condition. Great news considering we're now 7+ years living with diabetes, but not getting us closer to an answer. The echo-cardiogram revealed Dyl's heart is functioning properly, so it's not a matter if poor circulation. And the 2 allergists agree that Dylan has NO allergies, even minor. He was tested for everything, including foods, and no reaction whatsoever. And it's not celiac or angioedema. For more details on the tests we've endured so far, click here.

His endocrinologist is now out of ideas; she's eliminated everything that can cause edema. Could it be hormones due to the possible onset of puberty? Dylan is almost 13 after all, but he's had this edema for almost 2 years...

The second allergist that we saw, just last week, said that some of us carry a higher than normal amount of protein in our blood and that it can cause edema in the extremities. It's not an indication of a kidney problem, it's just something unexplainable that some people have. She was not overly concerned about it, and gave us yet another lab requisition to have Dylan's protein levels measured at various times over the course of a day. So that's next, and hopefully it will give us some answers.

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