Tuesday 20 December 2011

2 Week Pumping Update

Well, we have officially been using the new VEO pump for 2 full weeks and even though it is essentially only a newer version of the old pump, we used the upgrade timing as an opportunity to fine tune our pumping skills, adjust basal and carb ratio settings, and establish a more consistent testing schedule. So has there been any improvement to Dyl's blood sugar levels?

Here are Dylan's average blood sugar levels for the past 14 days:

breakfast: 10.9 mmol/L (196.2 mg/dl)
morning snack: 10.6 mmol/L (190.8 mg/dl)
lunch: 8.3 mmol/L (149.4 mg/dl)
afternoon snack: 4.4 mmol/L (79.2 mg/dl)
dinner: 8.9 mmol/L (160.2mg/dl)
bedtime snack: 9.2 mmol/L (165.6 mg/dl)
night: 9.8 mmol/L (176.4 mg/dl)

Overall average: 8.6 mmol/L (154.8 mg/dl). 

Based on the overall average above, Dylan's A1c reading for the past 2 weeks, if it were calculated on a 2 week period, would be 6.5. Considering his last A1c was 8.7, we are certainly on the right track, but still have room for improvement. Now in that same 2 week time period, he also had 15 low blood sugar readings, with the lowest being a mid-afternoon reading of 2.0 mmol/L (36mg/dl). His highest result was an evening snack reading of 21.4 mmol/L (385.2 mg/dl).

Can you say diabetes roller coaster??

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