Wednesday 18 May 2011

What I've Learned ~ Diabetes Blog Week, Day 7


The final Diabets Blog Week entry. Alright, it's 3 days late, but life happens right?

It was a truly incredible week! For someone who just joined the DOC in March of this year, I am constantly blown away by the outcry of support, friendship, and love displayed by DOC members.

So when asked what I've learned this week, like many others, I've learned that I am not alone. That there are so many other D-Moms and D-Dads out there just like me and that there are so many other PWD like Dylan. It's like one big huge virtual family, and I love it!

I've also learned that there a ton of awesome diabetes bloggers out there. I have LOVED LOVED LOVED reading all the great posts over the week, seen this pictures, the vlogs, the poems, the stories. They have touched my heart and I can't wait to read more.

So that's it - short and sweet for today!

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  1. Dylan's lucky to have you, and so is the DOC! Great to "meet" you!