Saturday 3 September 2011

Kiss the Girls

Well, it appears that I am flying through James Patterson's Alex Cross series faster than I can review them, but I'm going to try to catch up! I read Kiss the Girls, the second book in the Cross series, a couple of weeks ago, immediately after reading Along Came a Spider. Book two is similar in format to book one; it is equally thrilling, with non-stop action until the very last page. Gruesome killings, brought to life with sadistic and bloody description. Classic Patterson.

This time Alex Cross is hunting 2 killers, aptly coined "Cassanova" and "The Gentleman Caller." The former kills on the east coast, while the latter kills on the west coast., but soon enough it appears that they may actually be working together. Cross is pulled into the massacres after his college-aged niece, Naomi, is kidnapped by "Cassanova" and Cross will stop at nothing to get her back safely.

While Patterson's writing is formulaic and predictable at times, his books read fast and grab your attention right from the first page. Great summer reading, hence why I'm reading the series!

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