Monday 9 July 2012

D-Camp is here

Ahh the joy of diabetes camp. It is the highlight of Dylan's summer and one of my favorite times of year. While I miss him terribly every year while he's at camp, I can honestly say that it's the only time I don't worry about his diabetes. He left yesterday for a week of outdoor fun, new friendships, and exciting adventures.

This is year four of diabetes camp and each year seems better and better. Dyl always comes back having learned so much, both from the staff and his fellow campers. One year he returned home excited to show me how he could do his infusion set change entirely his own. And last year he came home having mastered the dual wave bolus.

But it's so more than just that. It's the only place where diabetes is so common that it almost doesn't exist. It doesn't stand out, or set him apart from other kids, because everyone has diabetes. So when he needs to test his bg, no one cares, or even looks up. Why? Because they're all testing their bg too. Feeling low? Look to anyone, juice is never more than a stones throw away. It's like a special club with exclusive membership; a club where diabetes is the norm.

I also love d-camp because he is so well taken care of by staff. In fact, when we upload his pump data from camp week, it's usually better than when he's at home. I know he's safe there, and while that may not seem like much, to the parent of a child with diabetes, safety is one the most elusive things we know. We hope and pray for it, but we know that until a cure is found, safety is an illusion. We can never let our guard down. Knowing that Dylan is safe at camp is the most incredible feeling ever for this d-mama.

The only questions left is what do I do with myself all week?

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