Friday 13 July 2012

Miami Bound

In writing this post aboard a flight from Dallas to Miami, the 2nd flight in today's journey across North America, from the Pacific Northwest to the Caribbean waters of Florida. I'll be spending the next four days in Miami for a National Event hosted by ViSalus.

Tomorrow night over 20,000 Visalians will converge on the American Airlines Arena for an event featuring non-stop excitement. We will cheer, learn, congratulate, and party our way through the weekend.

For the next four days diabetes goes on hold for me. A strange and foreign idea, but Dylan is still at d-camp, and I am traveling alone (well, as alone as you can get with 20,000+ coworkers) for the first time in ten years. No spouse, no kids, no diabetes. Just me and a weekend of learning how to further share the world's largest and most successful health platform.

To say the feeling is odd wouldn't do it justice. No D? It's a foreign concept. Alien even.

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  1. How long was your layover at dfw? I live only 5-10 minutes from the airport!