Monday 15 October 2012

Big Blue Test!

It's back! Once again, the Diabetes Hands Foundation is running the Big Blue Test, from Oct 14th to Nov 14th. Participate and help those around the world with diabetes in need.

How Does it Work? Simply test your blood sugar, exercise for 14-20 minutes, test again, and fill out the super-simple form on the Big Blue Test website. It's that easy! Don't have diabetes? No problems, simply track your exercise only!

Why? The average person participating in the Big Blue Test sees a reduction in their blood glucose level of 20% after 14-20 minutes of exercise. And if that's not enough reason to get you motivated, how about this? Every test gets the Diabetes Hands Foundation one step closer to their goal of 20,000 entries.And if they achieve 20,000 entries, Roche Diabetes Care will donate $100,000 to organizations that provide supplies and services for people with diabetes in need.

Quick, easy, and effective. This is a no-brainer. Test today. Test every day between now and November 14th.

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