Tuesday 30 October 2012

Sending Relief to Storm Victims

We have all witnessed the devastation brought by Hurricane Sandy, though most of us via television or internet. For those who live in the areas hit by the storm, who have lost power, homes, or experienced injury as a result of the storm or its damage, I offer my deepest sympathies and pray that you find the strength and supoort to pick up the pieces and rebuild your lives.

Numerous organizations have offered, or will be offering, relief to victims of Sandy, be it in the form of food, temporary shelter, warm clothing and blankets, or medical treatment. ViSalus is one of those organizations. Between now and 11:59pm PST Friday, November 2nd, ViSalus will be directing all of their Community Challenge donations to Hurricane Sandy relief efforts. These donations are in the form of meal-replacement shakes. Each shake provides complete nutrition and is a balanced meal suitable for adults and/or children. To date, the ViSalus Community Challenge has donated over a million meals to people in need, including food banks, to after-school programs, to natural disaster relief.

Challenge yourself to make a difference. For a $24 donation, ViSalus will donate 30 meals on your behalf, and match your donation with an additional 30 meals. That means $24 will get 60 meals to those affected by Hurricane Sandy. Visit the ViSalus Community Giving page for further information, and to donate.

Thank you for your support.

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