Monday 5 August 2013

Celebration of Light SWAG (365:3)

Saturday night marked this year's finale of Vancouver's Celebration of Light, so we headed downtown to take in the action. A simple trek, however, it is not. With hundreds of thousands of spectators converging into the West End, early arrival is critical to get a decent viewing point. The performance begins at 10:00pm, so we arrived downtown at 8:00pm, parked 2km from the site, and walked the remaining distance. Knowing we'd have to walk 2km back to the car after the show, I was a bit worried about Dylan's bg. He's an active kid, but doesn't usually walk this type of distance late in the evening.

Warning: SWAG'ing ahead: A 20 minute walk at 10min/km will burn approximately 12 carbs, plus playing at the park will burn a few more. Special solution for tonight? A summer treat! We grabbed a box of 4 Klondike Mint Chocolate Chip ice cream bars (28g carbs per bar) and each had one. Post walking/firework bg: 8.2mmol/l (147.6mg/dl). I'll take it!!

Pre-fireworks sunset and a shot of the show


  1. One of my favourite things and one of the things I miss the most about Vancouver. My husband (then boyfriend) had an apartment in the West End and we used to watch the fireworks from the rooftop pool.

    Although back then it was called the Symphony of Fire, which should tell you how looooooong ago it was!

    1. I remember the Symphony of Fire well Joanne. It's still a gong show too :)