Monday 16 May 2011

Saturday Snapshots ~ Diabetes Blog Week, Day 6


For Day 6 of diabetes blog week, Karen of Bitter~Sweet suggested that we express ourselves through photos instead of a typical written blog. My original thought was to take some diabetes related photos throughout the day - perhaps some pics of the pump, testing, food, etc. But then in the afternoon and a series of pictures just sort of presented itself and I knew immediately these photos had to be in my Saturday Snapshots blog post.

Because diabetes control is such a careful balance of food, insulin, and activity, I have always encouraged Dylan, as well as the rest of my family, to be as active as possible and live a healthy lifestyle. This means that we do a lot of fun physical activities as a family, one of which is walking. Saturday afternoon, during a brief break in the rain, we headed downtown for a walk in an area we haven't visited in quite a while. We parked right downtown, in Vancouver's Yaletown (a very posh, new neighborhood comprised mostly of single thirty-something adults) and started our walk along the waterfront. We strolled past the site where a number of last year's Winter Olympic pavilions were set up, then around to what was the Athlete's Village (now waterfront condos for sale to the public). Just in front of Athlete's Village I snapped a quick pic of Dyl and his older brother Josh, before we took a brief stop to explore a little "island" off the boardwalk.

Dylan, 10, and Josh, 14, with the North Shore mountains in the background

The "island" we explored was a small island off the shore, that connects to the mainland via a little man-made footpath. While Dylan and his 7 year old sister Olivia took off ahead to check out the island, Josh and I took our time making our way out and stumbled upon a mother goose and her four baby goslings.

Diabetes- related? No. But seeing rare, magical scenes, such as this one, reminds me that life does not revolve around diabetes. Life is more than just us. Life is precious and special. And when we to take time to enjoy the little things, it makes the bigger things, like D, easier to handle.

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  1. It's all moment by moment, isn't it? One minute is diabetes-related, the next isn't. When I remember most of my experiences growing up, I don't tend to remember the diabetes part unless I try really hard! Dylan's going to have the greatest memories of all those things you do together!