Thursday 19 May 2011

Life From a Bicycle Seat

Is there any better way to see the world than from the seat of a bicycle? The rush of wind through my hair, the touch of the fresh air on my face, the sunshine warming my arms. These are moments I treasure. Moments of complete and utter freedom; no worries, no stresses, no thinking about D. Just me, my bike, and mother nature.

Yesterday marked the first decent bike ride I've had this season. Sure, I've been out a few times in the cold and rain, and have certainly spent my fair share of time on the stationary bike this year, but yesterday was the first warm, sunny day, allowing me to spend 3 hours on an absolutely gorgeous ride in Lower Seymour Conservation Reserve. Just after 11:00am, I began my 22km journey through the old growth forest, taking in the sounds and smells as I silently cruised along. Up and down the rolling hills I went, in and out of the sunshine as I weaved through dense forest and into open spaces, before venturing deep into the forest again. I was in no rush; speed was not the focus today.

8.5 kilometers in, I left the paved private road and entered the old growth trail; a densely treed area that has existed for hundreds of years. Slowly I pushed on, under the canopy of old fir trees. At kilometer 10, I was parallel to the Seymour River and pulled over to sit on the shore and enjoy my lunch while listening to the peaceful churn of the river.

View from my lunch spot

After a quick lunch I rode another kilometer or so to the fish hatchery, then the seymour reservoir and dam, where my local drinking water originates. Here, my journey paused again, with a short break to enjoy the view.

Seymour reservoir and dam

During the 11km+ journey back, I didn't stop at all, just pedaled and listened to the birds, the wind, and my own thoughts. Life from a bicycle seat - a terrific way to spend a sunny day.

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