Thursday 5 April 2012

Ekphrasis ~ HAWMC, Day 5

Day 5 of WEGO Health's blog carnival asks for an ekphrasis post. "Ekphrasis" is writing about an image, in this case a random image found on Flickr.

The above image is entitled "plum blossoms #10." What a gorgeous shot! I love spring blossoms, especially fruit tree blossoms. The image reminds me that in a couple of weeks we will begin the "Cherry Blossom Festival" here in the Pacific Northwest, as the local cherry trees become packed with beautiful pale pink blossoms. The sun's rays coming through the higher blossoms give a feeling of hope and of the fresh start spring provides us, while the blossoms themselves are symbolic of the cycle of the life and of new beginnings.

Diabetes and plums, or any fruit for that matter, have a love hate relationship. The fast acting sugar in a piece of fruit can be a lifesaver, quickly bringing up a stubborn low. But when eaten for taste, or simply for pleasure, the same piece of fruit can cause an unwanted spike in blood glucose. 

Regardless, those blossoms sure are pretty.

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