Monday 30 April 2012

Word Fun ~ HAWMC, Day 30

Today's Prompt: Create a word cloud for your health condition. 

I already did this back on Day 7 of HAWMC, so I thought for today I would do a little diabetes acrostic.

D - Diabetes. Defined as a disease in which the body is unable to produce or use insulin normally.
I - Insulin. The elixir of life. The single most important thing for a diabetic. No insulin = death.
A - A1c. One number that shows the average blood sugar amount for the previous 3 months. The number that tells us how we're doing; our report card.
B - Blood Glucose. The thing we test 6+ times per day, treat, correct, and attempt to control. And what causes all of the problems if it gets too low or too high.
E - Eat well. A balanced diet can help maintain a healthy body weight and better blood sugar control.
T - Type 1. My son's diabetes. The one we've lived with 24/7/365 for six and half years.
E - Exercise. Helps maintain blood glucose control, combats depression and other diseases, controls weight, helps us to feel great.
S - Side Effects. What we hope to avoid, by maintain good BG control. Can include nerve damage, blindness, and kidney failure, among other things.

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