Saturday 13 August 2011

Cyclebetes Day 1 ~ Vancouver to Whistler

Wow, what a day! Today's section was was substantially less mileage than the next few days, but it was still pretty darn awesome!

So here's the lowdown for the day. We left John Henry Bikes in North Vancouver at 10:00am ready to pedal. All of the team cyclebetes and team sanofi aventis riders started together, along with a number of other cyclists planning to ride with us to Squamish. The first 30km were awesome - great pace, wicked conversation, fun times. Then we got to horseshoe bay and I felt my blood sugar plummet, thanks to poor breakfast choices on my part. A whole lot of carbs later, and I was back on the bike, ready to ride! At least that's what I thought. By the time we hit Lions Bay I was in full hyperglycemic hangover mode, a typical reaction when I get really low blood sugar and then over compensate with carbohydrates. So off the bike I went, into the RV, to battle my bg back to a tolerable level. At Brandywine Falls I finally felt human again and jumped back out onto the bike to ride the last hour into Whistler.

Quite the day! Not at all what I expected from myself, but hey, I can only control my blood sugar levels so much...all in all I rode about 60km today, which is not far off what I had planned.

Tomorrow I am up first shift, at 6:00am, to start the 100km+ day for each of us! Lookin' forward to it!

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