Monday 8 August 2011

Training Schedule Week of August 8th to 14th

Unbelievable that all of my training and hard work over the past few months is finally going to be put to the test. Beginning this Saturday, August 13th, I will be taking part in the Cyclebetes National Relay, in which I will hop on my bike and cycle from Vancouver to Calgary, a distance of 1045km, over 4 days.

This week's training schedule currently looks like this, but as usual it could change as the week progresses, especially considering I still need to prepare for a week away from home and work.
Monday ~ Cycle 1 hour, moderate
Tuesday ~ Run 60 minutes, pace
Wednesday ~ Cycle 3-4 hours, easy
Thursday ~ Cycle 2 hours, hills
Friday ~ Run 75 minutes, easy
Saturday ~ Cyclebetes begins! 
Sunday ~ Cyclebetes, day 2!

For more information on this incredible ride, visit:

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