Monday 11 April 2011

Dylan talks about his diabetes. Accu-Chek Mobile, Real life moments.

The following video features my 10 year old son, Dylan, and I, talking about the new Accu-Chek Mobile meter, which was released for sale in Canada today. We had the pleasure of testing the meter before it went on sale to the public, in exchange for providing honest feedback to Accu-Chek for marketing purposes. Neither I, nor anyone in my family, is an employee of Accu-Chek, nor were we provided with any script or guidelines on what to say. The views expressed in this video are purely our own.

I am in shock as to what a difference this meter has made. Dylan has always had good blood sugar control, but with this meter he tests more often because it's so easy and convenient to use. The result: his readings are more consistent, and in the "normal" range most of the time. I love it.

1 comment:

  1. Hi Jennifer,

    It's been amazing to have you participate to this project.
    We can't tell you how happy it makes us to read such positive feedback on the Accu-Chek Mobile, we are thrilled that it could make a difference to Dylan's life.

    The Accu-Chek team