Friday 18 November 2011

F**kin' Perfect

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It's human nature to strive for perfection. An innate quality within us all, we cannot help but compare ourselves to other and then judge ourselves based on how we "measure up" against our peers. This same theory applies to diabetes care. As parents we aim to provide the best possible care for our children, but we always feel like we could do more, be better. And there will always be another d-parent who seems to have it all figured out; who manages to weigh every carb, test before every meal and snack, never sleep through the alarm for night time tests, stay on top of it all. When we compare ourselves to them, we cannot help but feel like we're not doing as much as we could. 

But we are. "Perfect" diabetes care is an illusion; a mirage that we can chase and chase, but that we will never attain. Diabetes is different in every person and all we can do at any given time is our best. And be okay with that.

I read a post from a fellow d-mom yesterday that I really connected with. Laura of "Houston...We Have a PROBLEM" wrote a post entitled, "Confessions of a D-Mom." Her honesty about not being "perfect" all the time was so refreshing. In her list of 50 truths, I could relate to most. We have ALL been there at one point or another and I loved that she wasn't afraid to say hey sh*t happens and we just have do our best with what we have. At the end of the day we need to be able to go to sleep knowing that we did good. (At least until that 2:00am alarm goes off, right...?)

Thank you Laura for your honesty. There are so many items on your list that I can relate to. I find it so refreshing to learn that there is another d-mom out there who gets that we can't always be perfect. That diabetes is a roller coaster and sometimes we need to just hold on and enjoy the ride without letting it take over our lives. Great post.

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  1. That was an awesome post from an awesome blogger :) I've fallen off the radar...and left NHBPM in the dust. Great job keeping up!