Wednesday 2 November 2011

My TV Show

The internet has become the go-to talent pool for Hollywood and the entertainment industry at large. What better way to get ideas than to see what’s already out there and piggypack? Well, in continuing with this trend – your blog, life, or community is being turned into a TV show.

When I first saw the prompt for today, I thought, "Uh-oh. My life or blog as a TV show? I don't think so, at least not one anyone would watch. My life is busy, but boring..."

But then I started thinking about different formats and lengths; reality vs drama, documentary vs feature film, and then it hit me: If my life was a tv show, it would have to be a telethon. And not a tacky telethon, but one of those weekend events sponsored by a national news channel. You know, the ones that bring in tons of celebrities to help raise money for a great cause. My telethon would run all day for two days and have a variety of different acts, interspersed with doctors, representatives from JDRF and CDA, advocates, diabetes educators, parents, and members of the DOC. Plus it would have stories the audience would connect with; real, practical stories told by people living with diabetes: men, women, kids, parents, siblings, caregivers, teachers. Anyone and everyone who has a story to tell about diabetes.

And that's it. No big production, no repeat airings, just one simple but effective telethon to raise awareness and funds for diabetes research.

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