Sunday 27 November 2011

Quote Unquote: WEGO Health 2011 Health Activist Awards

Grab a quote from the WEGO Health site (type in any word - see what comes up!) and the use that quote to set you writing.

Rather than use a quote for this post, I thought I would tell you about an email I received from WEGO Health recently in regards to an exciting new program they are launching in December! 

The Health Activist Awards will officially recognize inspiring health activists (both new and well established) in 10 different awards categories and thank them for their commitment to the online health community. There are tons of terrific health activists out there and even though I am still pretty new to this arena, I have definitely been inspired by many of the touching stories I've read since becoming a member of this community.

If you're asking yourself, "What is a health activist?" WEGO defines health activists as "online leaders who work daily to improve the way people talk and think about health – active in multiple communities, passionate about health causes, dedicated to finding the best information, and relentless in their commitment to helping others. They also use every tool possible to lead their communities, especially through social media."

So here's the deal. Simply nominate your favorite health activists by visiting the Health Activist Awards page at WEGO Health. Nominations officially begin December 1st, but you can start nominating your favorites now. There is no limit on how many people you can nominate, so feel free to nominate as many as you'd like to let them know they've made a difference in your life.

Finally, spread the word! Tell your friends, post on your own blog, and tweet using the hashtag #HAAwards.

These are the 10 different awards categories:

Rookie of the Year 2011: The Health Activist who came on the scene in 2011 but has inspired the entire community. 

Best in Show 2011: This Health Activist dominates a particular platform and is a great model for taking it to the next level.

Paperboy Award 2011: The Health Activist who always brings you the latest and greatest news and research.

Health Activist Hero 2011: Who has changed your life?  Recognize the Health Activist who has made a significant impact on you. 

Advocating for Another 2011 (Best Parent or Caregiver): Award the dedication of someone who raises awareness for the condition of someone they love.

TMI Award 2011 (Too Much Information): This Health Activist always goes there - no matter how personal or embarrassing the story.

Hilarious Health Activist 2011: You swear you're at a comedy show.  This Health Activist brings the funny with the advocacy.

Offline Crusader 2011: This Health Activist did amazing things offline this year.  Tell us about your favorite.

Best Affirmation Post 2011: Recognize the best single post that explains, outlines, or affirms the Health Activist mission.

Best Kept Secret 2011: Help us find the hidden gem of the Health Activist world - and share them.

For full information and contest rules, check out the Health Activist Awards FAQ Page.

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