Wednesday 16 May 2012

Poke Poke ~ D Blog Week, Day 3

Yesterday we gave ourselves and our loved ones a big pat on the back for one thing we are great at.  Today let’s look at the flip-side.  We probably all have one thing we could try to do better.  Why not make today the day we start working on it.  No judgments, no scolding, just sharing one small thing we can improve so the DOC can cheer us on!

I opened yesterday's post with a small of things I felt I could do better, in terms of diabetes care. Today I'm picking one to share in more detail: Testing. 

For the most part, we are pretty good when it comes to testing blood glucose. But we're far from perfect. 
  • Testing before meals and snacks: (almost) always. 
  • Testing when feeling low: most of the time (sometimes we treat symptoms first) 
  • Testing before sports/exercise: most of the time
  • Testing during sports/exercise: sometimes
  • Testing after sports/exercise: sometimes
  • Testing when feeling ok and not about to eat: rarely

When I hear about people with diabetes who test their blood 12+ times per day, I think wow, that's commitment. Should we be doing that? Probably. Is what we're doing working for us though? For the most part. Is there room for improvement? Always.

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