Tuesday 3 January 2012

10 Diabetes Goals for 2012

Yesterday I posted about some personal goals I have for 2012, and today I want to highlight some of our d-goals for this year. After all, this a diabetes blog.10 goals in a nutshell...

1. Test more often.

2. Get Dylan's A1c to below 7.5, or at least closer to it.

3. Start using a continuous glucose monitoring system (CGMS).

4. Become more knowledgeable about the glycemic index and post-prandial blood sugar.

5. Connect with more d-moms and d-dads, and hopefully meet up with some!

6. Continue to spread awareness by participating in the Cyclebetes National Relay, this time going coast to coast!

7. Test more often.

8. Know that while diabetes is a part of our life, it does not define us.

9. Do my best and know that is enough. Dwelling on the bad numbers will only drive me crazy.

10. Test more often...did I mention that one already? 

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