Saturday 21 January 2012

Winter Sweatbetes

The DMSA discussion on Wednesday, January 11th included ideas on winter exercise, and various people shared their favorite cold weather workouts. I am passionate about exercise, so the topic got me thinking about all of the different things our family does in the winter to maintain fitness and enjoy the outdoors.

We try to get outside as much as possible, and our fortunate to live within 15 minutes of 3 ski resorts, so snow activities are a big part of our winter fun. Personally, I love to snowshoe, and try to get out at least once per week, and Dylan plays ice hockey from September to June, though as a family, our favorite activity is definitely skiing.

My oldest is a snowboarder, and Dylan his sister both ski. My husband is a skier and I can do both, though since learning to snowboard 4 years ago, I haven't skied once. 

This afternoon we went up to Grouse Mountain and enjoyed a terrific day on the slopes!

Skiing can be quite the workout, too, so it certainly affects blood sugar levels. Dylan's bg was 10.9 mmol/l (196.2 mg/dl) pre-ski and 3.6 mmol/l (64.8 mg/dl) after 3 hours of skiing. We did not change anything on his pump, so he was running at his regular basal rate. I know now, that a temp basal of around 80% is probably a good idea.

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