Thursday 26 January 2012

In the Blink of An Eye

And just like that, they're all grown up. It seems like only yesterday that my eldest was an infant and I was cherishing being a new mom. And yet my babies are babies no more. With a 15, 11, and 8 year old, now I race to slow down the clock and enjoy every single little moment.

This week has been tough on me. Dylan has been away at "Outdoor School" with his class for 4 days now. That's 4 full days and 3 nights of him monitoring his diabetes entirely on his own. He's testing, SWAG'ing, bolusing, carb counting, treating his own lows, and even setting up his own temp basals. My little guy is growing up, and is taking ownership of his disease in a way he has never done before. And he's doing it well!

Today I drove up to the site to change his infusion set. Technically, he can do it himself, and has before, but he really doesn't like inserting the new needle by himself. I can't say I blame him, those things are HUGE. I arrived at ten to 1:00pm, quickly found him in the auditorium, and we headed over to the first aid cabin where all of his D-supplies are being kept. The entire time we were in there (all of 6 minutes) he was looking at the clock, antsy to get it done so that he could get back to his buddies in time for the next field study at 1:00pm. That's my guy - never letting D get in the way.

So how he has done this week? Monday's numbers can be found here. As for Tuesday, Wednesday, and today, check these out...

Tuesday, Jan 24th
8:30 am: 7.1 mmol/l (127.8 mg/dl)
12:13 pm: 5.2 mmol/l (93.6 mg/dl)
3:10 pm: 7.4 mmol/l (133.2 mg/dl)
5:49 pm: 3.6 mmol/l (64.8 mg/dl
9:20 pm: 4.6 mmol/l (82.8 mg/dl)
9:58 pm: 4.7 mmol/l (84.6 mg/dl)

Wednesday, Jan 25th
8:29 am: 10.1 mmol/l (181.8 mg/dl)
12:09 pm: 5.3 mmol/ (95.4 mg/dl)
3:06 pm: 5.1 mmol/l (91.8 mg/dl)
5:51 pm: 6.2 mmol/l (111.6 mg/dl)
9:05 pm: 4.8 mmol/l (86.4 mg/dl)
9:55 pm: 4.1 mmol/l (73.8 mg/dl)

Thursday, Jan 26th
8:20 pm: 10.4 mmol/l (187.2 mg/dl)
12:09 pm: 9.2 mmol/l (165.6 mg/dl)
3:10 pm: he forgot to test and input to pump, but did have a snack
5:52 pm: 12.6 mmol/l (226.8 mg/dl, not surprising after no afternoon test)
9:02 pm: 5.1 mmol/l (91.8 mg/dl)
10:00 pm: unknown

Pretty darn good if you ask me. I am so proud of Dylan!


  1. And you should be proud of him! He is doing AWESOME!!

  2. WOW! Those are some super awesome numbers! Looks like he's rocking it and from his clock checking, he's having a great time, too!
    Big step for both of you. You should be proud of you, too!!